Thank you for purchasing your KnukNFutz game!  Included in the game box is a list of rules.  This page, prepared just for you, is a list of Question and Answers to clarify some rules and to make your game even more exciting and fun.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!


Q:  If you turn a steal card from your face down play cards in front of you does it get discarded to the bottom of the discard deck or the top of the discard deck for the next player to have the option of using it?


A:  If you turn a steal card from your face down play cards that is a normal discard and is place face up on the discard pile so the next player can use.  Once it is used by the next player, it is then placed on the bottom of the discard pile.


Q:  Do you have to say KnukNFutz before you draw or can you look at your drawn card first?


A:  Always look at your drawn card before calling out “KnukNFutz”.  If it happens to be a high card you might want to hold off going out.


Q:  The rules state in case of a tie at the end of the game that everyone keeps their own points.  Is that only for the people who tie or does this include every player?


A:  In case of a tie, everyone keeps their own score.  Everyone.


Q:  If you have a face down card in a vertical line at the end of the game and when you turn that card over and matches your vertical face up cards, can your remove that entire row prior to counting up your score.


A:  Yes.  Remove the entire row so those cards don’t count against your score.  (You just got lucky!!)


Q:  Does the person going out add up all their points (positive and negative) to determine their score?


A:  Absolutely.  This determines if the first person that goes out actually has the lowest score.


Q:  Can you pick up a “lose turn” card from the discard pile just to change directions?


A:  Ahhh, what strategy!!!  Yes you can !!!!


Q:  If a player calls “KnukNFutz” to go out each player has one more turn to complete the game.  Can a person use one of their “steal” cards to steal a card from the person who just went out?


A:  NO….but nice try!!  When a person calls “KnukNFutz” their hand is complete and no one may play or take any of their cards. You may, however, play on all the other open hands on the table.


Q:  During the last round after a player has gone out, if an opponent draws a “lose a turn” card does this mean that anyone who hadn’t had a turn doesn’t get a last turn?


A:  Nopes!  All it means is that opponent does not have a chance to play one last time.  Such a bummer!  Everyone else has one more chance to improve their score.  


Q:  During the final round and someone has “KnukNFutz” cards in their hand (meaning they have no number on them) do they have any point value?


A:  “KnukNFutz” cards have no value so they equal zero, no points, nil, natta.  The only thing you count is your blessings for a KnukNFutz card when you go out!!


Q:  When playing and you draw a “steal card” are you allowed to take someone’s face down card and force them to go out?


A:  Pretty sure we don’t want you as an opponent!!!  The answer is no one can force another opponent to go out.  That would be a “NO”!


Q:  If you take someone’s -2 card and give them your face down card, does it stay face down or does the card get flipped over?


A:  If you steal a card and trade one of your face down cards, the face down card remains face down when you give it to your opponent.  


**  Note…..all cards picked up from the draw pile must be played face up and ALSO must be played.  Don’t go a thinkin that if you don’t like the card you drew that you can just place it on the discard pile.  Oh no, no, no!  It must be played.  Watch your opponents….they try to get by with that all the time.  However, if you draw a KnukNFutz card (steal or lose a turn) you need to follow it’s direction and then discard when the action is complete.


Consider your 9 face down cards as your discards if that helps.  Whatever card you don’t replace….well….uh….those will count against your score at the end of the game when you go to count up all 9 of your cards in front of you.


If you have any questions that might not be answered here, please email us your questions at  We’ll get back to you quickly with an answer.  Our goal is to make sure that all owners of this fantastic game has as much fun playing it as the KnukNFutz Girls do.